Hound Hammock Professional Grooming Aids

Hello and thank you for visiting Hound Hammock. My name is Susan Koch and I have been a professional groomer for 21 years. I would like to tell you a little about my Hound Hammock experience and hopefully answer a few questions along the way. 

I began working with my Hammock over 7 years ago. Grooming devices like this which elevate the pet off the table was not a new concept. The only ones available required a double overhead grooming arm which I do not use. The flexibility of this design allows either single arm or double arm use and accommodates a range of sizes from 2 lbs. up to approximately 25 lbs. Our large hammock does require a double overhead grooming arm. 

From the first time I used it I could not believe I worked so long without it. The results were immediate. The first difficult pet I used it on was instantly relaxed which allowed to me to quickly complete the groom with much less stress for the pet. I knew right away that this would be a very valuable tool.

It paid for itself the very first day by allowing me to groom pets that I would have normally turned away due to the risks associated with their age and behavior.

There are many reasons for pets to have anxieties and physical limitations throughout the grooming process. Several of the most common issues are difficulties with handling the legs, feet, nails and face. The hammock allows access to all of these areas while keeping the pet  calm and snuggled in a soft and comfortable fleece "blanket".

I own yorkies and they are all rescues. Having come from various backgrounds of abuse and neglect they have ALL had issues with grooming. Even as a professional groomer I reached the point with several of them that I was facing alternate methods for their grooming. One method was sedation with dangerous anesthesia and expensive vet bills. As they became older and more frail the issues they had with their grooming was so extreme I was distraught at the thought of these alternatives. The Hammock has allowed me to groom them in comfort ever since I began using it. I am amazed at the difference it has made and so relieved and thankful to have it. It has been PRICELESS.

Over the last few years of using it I have discovered another surprising benefit. Once a pet has been using the Hammock for awhile they actually learn to enjoy their grooming! They happily get in it and "hang out" while you finish.

The Belly Strap is also priceless! It helps with wiggly puppies and seniors who have a hard time standing for the whole groom. It stabilizes the hind legs offering instant relief for sore legs and backs. It also helps pets who are shy for working on their bellies. I use mine on almost every pet I groom because it also adds another layer of safety while on the grooming table.

Fleece is a very durable fabric. After 7 years I am still using my original Hammock with no issues. It has been washed many times and still looks and works great.

For more excellent feedback and pictures, please head over to my FB page where you will find many great experiences by other groomers.


Thank you for your interest!